This will be the 4th year for Leo traveling in the United States and his 10th traveling to Europe. and I would like to formally thank him, his wife and Fany for the great effort they put in their mission.

Thanks to them, many of us have been able to experience Medicines from the forest in the comfort of our own countries and have received deep and profound healing that has changed our lives.

I can obviously only speak for myself but I have seen it happen also for many of you.
The changes are really noteworthy and quite above the ordinary changes and adjustment that one can make under any circumstances.

Developing a steady relation with these Medicines and integrating them in my personal life has brought changes on every aspect of it.

I have changed my diet and stopped eating meat after my very first work, transitioning toward a much healthier plant based diet;
I have quit smoking cigarettes after less than one year of drinking medicines;
I barely drink any hard liquor and can control my wine drinking much better;
Within 2 years all my past bad addictions were magically gone;
I have changed the way I interact with people, the words that come out of my mouth and I am much better at directing my thoughts.
And after so much work to change myself within I have been able to manifest changes in my material life: I changed my job and opened my own business, I have traveled with Leo and the comitiva to many beautiful places and met new brothers and sisters that have a special place in my heart.

I am sure many of you have changed a lot in their life as well, it would be great to hear your story too if you feel like sharing.

And for those that are looking to make changes, trust that these medicines from the forest, taken responsibly, can help you in your daily life.

Now let’s get back to our travel plans.

It will be a long flight for the Eagle, Leo and Madrinha Chris will be traveling for almost 4 months in the northern hemisphere, between Europe and US, sharing medicines, knowledge and love.

You are invited to join us in your local city, but also to travel with us if you can.

Traveling and doing ceremonies with us is a great way to visit new places. We always take time to see some incredible places off the beaten path  and it is also an opportunity to connect with the local Medicine community, a connection that you can always explore more on your own in the future.

See yourself grow after every work and meet new brothers and sisters that will stay in your life for a very long time.

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