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Since a was a kid I always wanted to sail around the world. I started with cruise ship when in my 20s I was onboard one of the fabulous “Princess Cruises”

Years later I was back in big cities working the rat race just dreaming about sailing.

The years went by and I finally got myself a sailboat, just a starting 24′ but enough to cruise for weeks at the time around the Tuscan Island during summer.

I became a sailboat Skipper and worked onboard a fantastic Baltic 52 for two seasons.

Time went by and the dream still there, I finally was in Miami, with my wife Catia we had our 30′ getting ready for some crossing to the Bahamas and some Florida Keys

when… Irma strikes and nothing more then an insurance claim was left.

The dream was still there until one day, a txt message was asking me about Sailboats…

“Francesco, he said, if I sale my motorboat and get a sailboat would you be happy to use her and keep the maintenance running and be the captain when needed?”

I was shocked for so much serendipity of the win win situation… my answer:

“But can we take her around the world?”

“Sure! I look forward to sail around Thailand one day”

Few days later we were looking for our potential new boat, and the opportunity of the one I was always dreaming became reality “Rainha do Mar”

The secret has been to keep loyal to my dream, allowing the universe to adjust possibilities with time and space, creating the success I was desiring visualizing myself already in that life style… until, ready to let go… it came ⛵️💕🌈

Viva Rainha do Mar

And special thanks to the special people that are making this dream possible in my life 🙏🏻💕

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