About Me

Hi! I’m Francesco Desideri

I was born in Italy more then 40 years ago, in the city of Montecatini near Florence. Since early age I was introduced to sport and I soon became an athlete, a swimmer. I learned how to deal with long daily training sessions, meditation and sense of loneliness that this sport gives you, building my strength and preparing me for bigger challenges in society.
I started traveling and experiencing other countries in my early 20s lived in U.S., studied and lived in London, then from Alaska to the Caribbean and back to my country of origin, few years later i was in NYC, now in Miami.

I became a professional Mixologist, Beverage Expert, a Service Ambassador learning all aspect of the hospitality business from restaurants and bars to boutique hotels to cruise ships.

img_1482I lived a life of hard work and commitments few times has owner of my business sometimes for small entities or big corporate, but I also enjoyed a life of wonder from beautiful places to the engaging nightlife of the top cities, always ready to Party, never said NO. I was addicted to it, addicted to what I called FUN, spinning and turning my life around it.
One day, one day more then others a voice inside asked me about my purpose in life, what I will do if I had the money I wanted to do so. I was already describing the best boutique Hotel in the coolest city, with the restaurant and the bar I always wanted. I saw myself making people happy but also been the same clown on stage for the many others, getting tired and looking forward to distraction money and vacations to do what?
I always loved sailboats and sailing, the feeling of been in the elements listening to my thoughts free from the routine I was escaping from. So I wake up one day, I didn’t light the cigarette, I didn’t make the coffee, I decided to change.Since then, this has been a new journey, my new commitment now is to live my life like in my vacation, help others to break there addictions and find there life porpoise, happiness, true free will, there internal and external freedom. Since then I started to listen the silence of my meditation, understanding that if a take good care of myself I can take good care of others, I became the lab of the good and the help I wanted to give, because I was and I m the first one in need. Now the time to share has come, to open up the the circle of happiness, because we can all change, we deserve to be happy.